About us

Nordic Defence Analysis  provides military expert advise and tailored independant analysis and commentry to media and others on request.

Our focus is on the Armed Forces in the  Scandinavian region with special focus on the Baltics, High North including the  Arctic.

Our team draws on experts with cutting edge and up to date military experience who are specialist within each their field and domain

We also provide specialised advise on greening defence with a focus on climate change and impacts on defence forces.

Our services

When analysis matters - trust is the keyword.

When presenting this in TV/Radio/Media or through written reports or chronicles it becomes pivotal in understanding complex matters.

At Nordic Defence Analysis we provide independant point sharp analysis on defence, ongoing operations and related areas.

We present it in a simple and understandable way.

Tailored to customer needs.

You name it - we provide it.

Our product are reports based on  specific customer needs.

We provide background papers and specialised advise on defence. 

We provide expert analysis and advise on green defence and transition programmes programes.

We provide evaluation and reports on government programmes with focus on stabilisation and capacity building programes in fragiles states.

We work together with TV, Radio and other media, consultants.

We provide advice and consultancy whenever needed.

We also provide briefings and presentations on defence matters and even expert moderations of events and panel debates.

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+46 723244091

and we will tailor the product to your specific needs.

Our team                                           Other contacts

Jens Wenzel


Defenc Commentator, Analyst


Hans Peter Michaelsen

Defence analyst, Airforce 


On Home security, Preparedness and for advice we work with:

David Heilmann

CEO at ReadyBox


+45 21 23 54 50

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Jens Wenzel is a knowledgeable and wise analyst with great impact.

As a journalist I have met many experts which are both gifted and knowledgeable but who also formulate themselves so that only their colleagues understand what they are saying. Jens is the opposite.

Without compromising on matter of facts, and always with storytelling joy and commitment intact, he gets his points clearly across and the messages come through crystal clear.